Maternity Reflexology


Along with healthy eating, exercise and a balanced lifestyle, reflexology can help your body to prepare for conception and increase your chances of getting pregnant. If you have been taking the contraceptive pill, it is advised to stop at least three months before trying to conceive. Starting treatments at this time will help your body to readjust to having a normal menstrual cycle and to get rid of the chemical residues of the pill.



Pregnancy is a time of great joy and excitement, but one which also brings huge changes both physically and emotionally – particularly in the first few weeks.

Maternity reflexology during pregnancy will support you and help your body to cope with these changes, and will also ensure that your baby grows and develops in the best possible environment.

Sickness During the Early Stages of Pregnancy

The earlier you start maternity reflexology during pregnancy, the better. This is because it is during these first weeks that the embryo is taking everything that it needs from you in order to develop and grow. It is therefore vital to ensure that your body is functioning to the best of its ability.

The initial excitement of having your pregnancy confirmed can be marred by tiredness and nausea. This is caused by hormone changes, which can make each day seem like a struggle. Of course, you may well be one of the lucky ones and feel on top of the world!

Treatments at this stage focus on restoring the body’s natural energy flow, ensuring good circulation and gently rebalancing and supporting you while your body gets used to being pregnant. The deep relaxation that a treatment brings can calm the digestive and nervous systems which helps ease any feeling of sickness.

The Second Trimester


The second trimester is normally the one during which you feel at your best. During this time, nausea has gone and you have now settled into your pregnancy. However, as the baby takes up more room, you may experience a range of symptoms which can cause some discomfort. Regular treatments, using a combination of relaxation techniques, can greatly help ease if not overcome problems such as:

  • Breathlessness
  • Heartburn and reflux
  • Back pain and muscular aches
  • Swollen feet and hands
  • Disturbed sleep and tiredness

Each treatment is tailored to your specific needs or issues. If you are not feeling any discomfort, reflexology is still a wonderful way to relax and keep your body balanced throughout your pregnancy.

The Weeks Leading up to Birth

In the last weeks leading up to due date, whilst also taking care of you physically, I also help you to prepare mentally for giving birth, combining the treatment with some specific relaxation techniques that you can also practice at home, to help calm the mind and find your quiet space within.

Post Natal Reflexology

Giving birth is a magical and joyous experience but it is can bring tiredness, exhaustion and heightened emotions. Even if you have had a good birth experience, your body now needs to get back to its pre-pregnant state.

Reflexology treatments soon after having your baby has been born will start the rebalancing process, whilst also giving you some of that all important “me” time.

Treating mother and baby works to keep you both in tune with each other – a calm baby means a calm mother and vice versa. Reflexology can help with issues such as breast feeding, emotional swings (thus avoiding post natal depression), healing from epidurals, episiotomy and c-sections. Babies suffering colic, digestive difficulties and poor sleep patterns may also benefit greatly.



I see many women who are experiencing conception difficulties. Although there is no guarantee, reflexology has been known to help with detoxification and hormonal rebalancing for both you and your partner, which may help to increase your chances of conception.

Whilst there can be a number of medically diagnosed reasons which cause difficulties in conceiving, the current trend for couples to leave it later before starting a family can make it a bit harder to get pregnant.  However, also being overweight, stressed and having an unhealthy lifestyle also takes its toll. Sometimes, the reasons for infertility have not even been diagnosed.  A course of treatments while trying to get pregnant is certainly a good investment.

I believe that the main reason for non-clinical fertility problems rests with the subconscious mind and unresolved emotional issues which cause a block.

Using a combination of reflexology, healing and intuitive counselling, these blockages can be effectively removed and cleared, leading in most cases to a successful and happy pregnancy.

You may have a reflexology session as part of a wider treatment of complementary therapies. I also offer meditation and intuitive counselling, which can help to rebalance your mind and body as well as treating specific ailments.

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