meditationI often ask my clients what they do to relax. Reading, sport and watching television are all common answers. However, when I ask them more specifically if they can switch off their minds, after a little pause, the answer is generally no.

In our all too busy lives, we often forget to look after ourselves. Taking time out actually requires a conscious effort to stop and do nothing. That is when we recharge our batteries. Just as you put petrol in your car to keep it going, you need to put something back physically and mentally to keep your body and mind going.

Why Meditate?

Meditation is not only deeply relaxing but it also affects your entire being.

Learning to meditate allows us time to find peace of mind, to stop the mental chattering, “to-do” lists and to take time out.

Meditation allows you to experience a different consciousness by learning to find peace and silence from within, and can help us to overcome deep-rooted fears and anxieties as well as take back control of our lives.

Meditation gives us a tool to better deal with problems and difficult situations that can knock us off course. Meditation helps us to find that inner strength, stillness and feeling of being more grounded.

Armed with these tools, life suddenly becomes easier and we can see our way through the fog, allowing us to be better able to deal with complex or difficult situations.

What Happens During Meditation?

I can help you to meditate and to learn the techniques so that you are able to meditate in your own time, too.

Each session starts with a general relaxation exercise, eyes closed, where you will be asked to push out your thoughts and concentrate on what you can see behind your closed eyes.  The darkness that you initially see will gradually gain depth.  When you push your mind out and surrender into the quiet, colours and images can appear, and you can be aware of strange sensations in your body.

None of this is alarming – quite the contrary – it is an indicator that you are letting go.

You may have a meditation session as part of a wider treatment of complementary therapies.  I also offer reflexology and intuitive counselling, which can help to rebalance your mind and body as well as treating specific ailments.

Location and Areas Covered

I am based on the Surrey/Kent border in Marsh Green, just outside Edenbridge, within easy reach of clients in and around Lingfield, East Grinstead, Oxted, Tunbridge Wells, Crawley and Tonbridge.

I also offer mobile reflexology treatments one day a week in Wandsworth, London covering Southfields, Earlsfield, Battersea and Putney.

Contact me for more information on visiting my practice or home visits, or to find out about an initial consultation.

Sophie Esdaile – Complementary Therapist offering reflexology, meditation and holistic therapies based in Edenbridge, Kent.

"Thank you for all your help, both the reflexology treatments and the very good listening ear that always accompanied the sessions together with some sound and caring advice." Jo S.